The Almighty Cubes of Robo Wunderkind Robotics Kits

Ever thought why some traditional kids toys look a certain way and not another? The idea behind the toy cubes, revamped in Robo Wunderkind robotics kits, is beautifully intricate in its simplicity.

Here are the main concepts the toy cubes from your child’s arsenal and our robots share:

  • Modularity – the lego-like concept that allows kids to build and rebuild a countless number of times, with no fear of failure and no possibility to make things wrong. This way children learn that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes and grow used to the concept of trials and errors, which inevitably leads to enlightenment, more “aha” moments and true discoveries.
  • Development of fine motor skills – manipulations with the details of different sizes and shapes that are being assembled and taken apart over and over again, involves the receptive nerve endings at the fingertips, that serve as the “telephone wiring” and communicate messages directly to the brain. Playing with handy cube-like modules promotes the development of small muscles, thus enhancing child’s coordination and dexterity, and facilitates synchronization of hands and fingers, as well as visual coordination.
  • Spatial thinking – It might look like the simplest play algorithm, but before performing each task, kids have to analyze the instruction for building a robot or come up with their very own ideas, assess the location and scale of each cube in relation to others, and then identify the right moves they need to execute to combine the cubes.

Robo Wunderkind cube-like modular robotics kits combine the brightest pedagogical ideas with cutting-edge technologies, providing modern parents with smart solutions on how to bring more fun and value to the learning experience. Check out more about how Robo Wunderkind works on our YouTube channel.