Cool yourself down on a hot day with a Robo Fan!

It’s already summer o’clock! 🌞 Days are getting hotter and hotter – imagine if Robo could help us to deal with this heat? We’re going to build a very special Robo fan to help you cool down when it’s way too hot outside!

Time: 15 minutes

You will need:

  • Main Block
  • One DC Motor
  • One big wheel
  • Two universal connectors
  • Colorful cardboard or paper, scissors, double-sided tape


  • Other modules and universal connectors

Build your very own Robo fan:

Step 1: Attach one DC Motor to the Main Block.

Step 2: Attach the big wheel to the rotating part of the DC Motor.

Step 3: Attach the Connector Block to the Main Block to make your Robo fan more stable.

Step 4: Fold one half of the fan out of paper or cardboard. Do it in any shape you want, get creative!

Step 5: Fold the second half of the fan, don’t be afraid to experiment with the colors too!

Step 6: Connect the two halves together using a tape.

Step 7: Attach some pieces of double-sided sticky tape onto the wheel.

Step 8: Program the motor to make your fan spin! You can simply make it rotate infinitely, or come up with your own ideas on how to program it in a unique way.

Step 9: Press Play, sit back, and enjoy the refreshing moments 🍃