2018: Robo’s Best, Biggest Year Yet

This year has been quite a ride for us at Robo Wunderkind. We compiled a brief recap of all the amazing achievements and milestones we’ve reached. Now, brace yourself for the new year ahead, because the best is yet to come.

1. Launched and distributed Robo worldwide

While the first Robo Wunderkind modular kit saw the light of day in late 2017, 2018 was the year when it was delivered worldwide to our first expectant customers in more than 60 countries! And we’ve been sending them out in every direction ever since, with distribution partnerships in the US, UK, Canada, South Korea, Russia, Hong Kong, Italy, France and Sweden.

2. Expanded our existing curriculum

We always knew that Robo Wunderkind was destined to join classrooms all over the world. To help teachers discover the world of technology with Robo Wunderkind, we put our heads down and developed a 40 hours curriculum covering the basics of robotics and coding for primary schools in both English and German. It provides educators and children with weeks of engaging missions that will bring them closer to the heart of code and robotics.

3. Introduced a Summer Camp Program

In case the kids miss their Robo lessons while they’re not in school, we have a way to make up for this. Our 5-day Summer Camp Program is a comprehensive and fun crash course into robotics and programming for all curious young minds.

4. Teamed up with Scottish SPCA to help animals

We believe that education and technology are out in the world to achieve great things, and we’re doing our part to help make this vision come true. We recently teamed up with Scotland’s animal welfare charity SPCA. Starting in early 2019, their team will tour Scottish schools countrywide and teach children empathy and compassion towards animals using our robotic kits.

5. Introduced the Road Safety Rules with Robo Wunderkind

Learning how to be safe near the roads is one of the most essential things any urban-dwelling kid can learn. That is why we developed our 5 Road Safety Rules lessons that teach kids the basic principles of how traffic works, and how to stay safe within it.

6. Teamed up with “Get Your Wings”

Get Your Wings is a non-profit educational organization that teaches pupils all across Germany the basics of media and tech literacy and responsible digital education. We fully support their mission and are beyond excited that they use Robo to get kids acquainted with programming and robotics.

7. Took part in more than 50 educational events around the globe

We’re a busy bunch and we like to travel – a lot. Not just for leisure, either! This year alone with took part in dozens of educational and inspiring events, conferences, fairs, and exhibitions across three continents. Some of the most memorable ones include the IB conference, BETT, Pioneers, EdtechXEurope, ISTE, EduCode in Brussels, Sci4all European Researchers Night, Long Night of the Research, EU Code week, GESA awards, or Microsoft 365 EDU in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

8. Launched our own Python API

We recently released a Python API for passionate programmers who want to customize their own Robo applications. Robo Python allows for full access to Robo Wunderkind’s current functionalities and lets you expand them however you like.

9. Launched on Amazon

Besides our own website, we are now available worldwide on Amazon. We have our own brand shop on Amazon UK, US, Italy, Germany, France, and Spain. Buying our robotic kits has never been so easy. Plus, we don’t have any shipping charges on our products – in case you needed any more incentives to get yourself a kit!  

10. Joined Apple products in McShark stores

Who knew Apples and robots were the perfect match? We know now. In late November we started selling our robotic kits at the exclusive Austrian Apple reseller McShark, alongside the kind of high-end gadgets that still make us want to pinch ourselves. You can find Robo in all major Austrian cities, and even test it out for yourself before you decide to buy it.