Build your fantasy world with Robo

No one does story-telling quite like Robo. You can create any fantasy world if you’re creative enough. Get inspired by our latest project.

Playing with Robo Wunderkind is best done through story-telling. Children bring Robo to Toy Town, cross the road safely, save a princess… Those are just a few of our ideas. But any user of Robo Wunderkind – whether a child or a parent – can create a story of their own. Make your playtime extra special and invent a Robo story of your own. Here’s a piece of inspiration you can use.

All you need for a Robo Wunderkind project is some colored paper, markers, Robo Wunderkind modules and lots of imagination. And you’re good to go!

In this project, we had two Robos meet and have a chat.

What were they saying? That’s on you to decide!