Week 8 of #RoboMakersMarathon: Storytelling

Reading makes us travel to other planets and makes our imagination flourish. What if a character from your favorite book or story could come to life? 

Robotics are extremely versatile in use and, without a doubt, can assist in practicing storytelling skills. That’s why we asked our coding superstars to recreate their favorite book character with Robo’s help and show how robotics and literature could be connected! Let’s see what happened 😉

Valerie and the Robo Night Swing

Mira and Jonathan transformed Robo into the main character from their favourite book. Valerie doesn’t want to go to bed and rather prefers to sit on her goodnight-swing and swings her way from one adventure to the other. We have to admit, Robo has undergone some amazing transformation! He’s hardly unrecognizable with his new long red hair and a hat, swinging back and forth and smiling and smirking with his LED-display face 😉 Great job, guys!

Robo The Hungry Caterpillar

In skillful hands, Robo can transform into anyone, that’s for sure. Our STEM magician Meredith has turned Robo into a green and very gluttonous caterpillar 🐛🤖 Meredith read the story out loud while our Robot-Caterpillar slowly crawled along the parquet in her house and ate all the goodies that she listed. We must say, we got even a little hungry while looking at him! 

Harry Potter Robo

Iona has put her own twist on the Triwizard Tournament from Harry Potter and guess who played the courageous magician? The Robo of course! The little coder came up with three tasks of the tournament and programmed Robo’s movements with Robo Blockly, so Harry Potter Robo was built to maneuver through the three tasks in order. Great storytelling and coding skills! Bravo, Iona 🙌

That is all we have in store for this week. Everytime projects of our little coders simply take our breath away! Want to create projects and share them with us? The submission for the current #RoboMakersMarathon with the topic of ROBOTICS is still open until May 31st – so don’t wait and join!

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