Introducing The Robo Wunderkind Explorer Kits!

In 2015, we embarked on a mission to develop a toy that inspires kids to engage with technology in a creative way. The efforts of dozens of engineers, educators, and designers resulted in the first generation of our modular robots and companion apps that introduce kids, as young as 5, to the exciting world of robotics and coding.

Coding is a skill of tomorrow that teaches kids how to break down complex problems, it nurtures their creativity and gives them the skills to create a world of limitless possibilities. For us, technology is exciting, it’s about empowerment, learning, and the joy of creation.

Today, we are proud to introduce the Robo Wunderkind Explorer Kits, our latest and greatest robotics kit lineup. You can purchase your Explorer Kit on now, with prices starting from €199.

Pre-order now and receive special perks!

By pre-ordering a Robo Wunderkind Explorer kit of your choice, you will get very special perks reserved only for the early birds. Enter our community and receive:

  • 15% off your purchase, free shipping, and a free T-shirt for your little explorer with our <Coding superhero> design 
  • Free kit upgrades: (we will randomly draw the winners out of all who pre-order):

10 customers who pre-ordered Explorer Lite kits will get upgraded to Explorer Prime Kits.

10 customers who pre-ordered Explorer Prime kits will get upgraded to Explorer Pro Kits.

  • A grand prize: pre-order one of our new Explorer Kits and win a new Apple iPad mini with your new kit!

All pre-orders will be shipped out at the end of September, right in time before Christmas. Get the holiday gifts sorted early on, enter our community, and enjoy your perks!