10 Christmas activities with kids at home in 2020

We can’t believe it either, but Christmas 2020 is behind the door! We know this year is quite atypical in many ways, but Christmas should always be special. Here our 10 ways to make the wonderful season exceptional and memorable at home, together with your kids. 

1. Make your own Advent calendar

And you better start fast, advent is coming up! (If you missed it, that’s okay, you can make a shorter one, or catch up by opening several windows at the same time.) It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, homemade treats will do. It could even be a hidden treasure your kids have to find each of the 24 days (toys, treats, tools) or a new riddle they have to solve each day. (Consult the internet if you’re not feeling very creative in that department.) A homemade advent calendar doesn’t have to revolve around stuff, rather, in the name of minimalism, it could be made up around engaging and mind-twisting activities. 

2. Dress up as your favorite Christmas character

Whether it be Grinch or Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, make sure you make the costume as creative and fun as you can. An extra challenge could be to only use the things you have at home. Food coloring to add a green color, mom and dad’s clothes (sorry!), garden decorations, needles, threads, glue, crayons – you get the rest. It shouldn’t be perfect, but it should definitely be unforgettable. Excuse the momentary mess and don’t forget to take out the camera to capture the memories.

3. Recreate old Christmas photos

If you have some photos of your kids as babies, toddlers, or simply smaller than they are now, try recreating them. Nevermind how ridiculous it will be, that is exactly the point! And if you have some old photos from when you were a kid, treat your children to a snapshot of the fashion and hairstyles you wore back then, ones your kids will (no doubt) find extremely funny and eye-roll inducing. Nothing fuels character growth like making a healthy amount of (loving) fun of each other. 

4. Bake for yourself (or others!)

We couldn’t make a Christmas activities list without baking, could we? It’s true, Christmas is such an indulgent time of the year, but if you make too many, there’s a simple solution – give some away. Share them with friends, neighbors, loved ones. And make sure that the old lady or gentleman next door also has some Christmas cookies after your bellies are full, while still keeping a safe distance, of course. 

5. Enjoy spending time in nature 

This year more than any other, we’ve learned to appreciate spending time outdoors. Make the most of the crisp cold air, crunchy frozen ground (or muddy paths) and the red noses and cheeks you will bring back inside as a souvenir. A light hour’s walk a day should make you feel completely guiltless about any of the lovely treats you will eat once you come back home. 

6. Facetime everyone

Because of the caution around traveling this year, we might end up not seeing every single one of our loved ones during this holiday season. If that is also your case, make sure you at least call them up, share a virtual bedtime story, send a lot of cute cuddly photos of your kids and promise to see each other once it is possible again. 

7. Arts and Crafts: Masks Edition

We’ve spent a good amount of 2020 in them and they are probably here to stay for some time longer. Masks. Thankfully, we’ve discovered that they can be quite fashionable and creative, too! If you haven’t already, get together a family arts and crafts club and create your own hand-made masks out of funky patterns, colorful fabrics; adorn them with stickers and embroidery, and personalize them to your own liking. From flowers to superheroes – this will at least make them more fun to wear and protect your own health as well as that of others.

8. Write letters

It might sound strange – why today? But consider that some of your kids might have never ever written a letter to anyone, only emails and texts. To them, it will be a quirky adventure, almost like living in the Harry Potter universe. You can even buy some nice stationery, ink-filled pens, or even create your own wax seal if you’re feeling especially fancy. Send customized, fun letters to your family members and friends, especially if they live far away. This alone will be a very impressive Christmas present (or one of several), especially if you add some small surprises into the envelope (fill it with glitter, perfume it, add Christmas stickers, lipstick kisses, or even sneak in a small cookie). Sometimes, old school is best!

9. Organize a Secret Santa: the Giving-Back edition

Christmas is the season of giving. So why not have a slightly atypical Secret Santa at home (depending on whether your kids still believe in Santa or not, of course). Create a list of charities each of you can support in a way that kids can join too and that doesn’t involve financial gifts – for example, walking shelter dogs; putting together a box of useful items for underprivileged families and people without a home; sending books to orphanages or old clothes to families in need; picking up trash in nearby nature). Then, randomly allocate one such charity activity to each family member.   

Every one of you will have to do something charitable, and better yet, you will do it together. Not only will you teach your kids some valuable life lessons in kindness, but you truly will live out the message of giving back – and in a way that costs you nothing, or at the most, very little. 

10. Learn with Robo Wunderkind

Maybe learning is not the first thing you think of when you hear ‘Christmas’, but why not? We spend a lot of time at home during the Christmas season, so we might as well make it fun and productive. 

What is the one skill you definitely should not go without learning, no matter your age? Coding! And what is the loveliest robotic tool that can help you on that journey? Robo Wunderkind, of course! (No doubt about it, we’ll be shameless here.) 

Not only is Robo an incredibly cool modular robot, but it also comes with interactive apps with endless tips and tricks and online activities like #RoboMakersMarathon. We share challenges on our social media, are constantly working on new additions and activities, and most importantly, we are an attested educational tool that helps your children learn to code through the joy of play. You will never be bored, we promise that! 

So let us know, which of these activities will you do first? And don’t forget to share photos with us on social media to make the holiday season even merrier for all of us. 

Happy holidays from our Robo Wunderkind family to yours!